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"The hotel is situated in downtown Velké Meziřičí, only two minutes' walk from the square. The existence of the coaching-inn "U Bílého Koníčka" can be traced in chronicles back to 1607, when the inn was bought by a certain Petr Majevin. There is an even older mention from 1562, where it is referred to as "Jan Káčer's pub behind the gate in the Upper town".

In the late middle-ages and in the modern period, the big house no. 348 was a coaching-inn "U Koníčků" with a tavern for the plain folk attached to it. The inn was frequented by gentlemen from the town council, public officials and the castle gentry.

During the Thirty Year's War the house was left to waste, but later it was rebuilt again and changed hands quite often. It played a significant role in the time of the National Revival, when it became a regular meeting-place for Czech revivalists headed by Dr. Skřivan. Here, his friend, Karel Havlíček Borovský paid him a visit when he was travelling to the court in Vienna after the year 1850. As they could not meet, he left a written message in the Inn:

Here i am on my way to  Vienna - post nubila foenix!
Farewell! Have a good time. I am sorry that I could not meet you.
K. Havlíček -  editor of National Paper"

The note is on display in the Museum of Velké Meziřičí. Unluckily, it is not dated. The hospitality of the Inn was also enjoyed by Joseph II (13.3.1741 - 20.2.1790, King of Bohemia and Hungaria, co-regent of his mother Maria Theresa of Austria) who courted here countess Eleonora of Lichtenstein in secrecy (today's room no. 19).

In 1960 the restaurant was nationalized by the state and renamed to "Hotel Sport". After 1990 it was returned to private hands and sold to its' present owners.

They rebuilt the whole house and returned it back to its' name "U Bílého Koníčka"

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